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Taking the M&J Associates Driver Improvement Class, the only driver improvement class approved by Ruston City Court, will keep your traffic ticket off of your driving record provided you have not taken this class within the past two years for a Ruston City Court ticket, but you still have to pay your traffic ticket.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.  (DOES NOT APPLY TO COMMERCIAL DRIVERS).

Driver Improvement Class –  You must complete the class either in person or online.  After receiving or printing your certificate, give it to the Ruston City Court either by mail: Ruston City Court, P.O. Box 1821, Ruston, LA  71273, in person at Ruston City Court, 401 N. Trenton Street, Ruston or Fax to 318-251-8619 within ninety (90) days of receiving your traffic ticket


The “online class” costs $39.99 and takes about an hour and a half to complete.  The first thing you will read on the online class website is "Attention! ... YOU MUST contact the jurisdiction where you received your ticket to determine IF taking this class will keep your ticket off your driving record."  (The answer is YES! ... IF you have not taken this class for a Ruston City Court ticket within the past two years).  If you do not remember if you have taken this class within the past two years for a Ruston City Court ticket call (318) 251-8614 and they will jog your memory.    Important Note: Be sure to choose “City” rather than “District” when signing up for the online class.  If you select "District" you will be instructed to send your completion certificate to the "DA's Office" along with $150.  Do not do this.  Give your certificate to the Ruston City Court instead without the $150.  Call (318) 251-8614 with any questions.

The “in-person class” is held in the Peach Suite on the first floor of the Ruston Civic Center, 401 N. Trenton Street, Ruston usually on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm and costs $40.  No preregistration is necessary … payment by cash or money order only.  Call 318-255-8614 to verify date ... it sometimes varies.


Deferred Adjudication or Pre-trial Diversion – the Ruston City Court does not participate in these programs.  Call (318) 251-8614 with any questions.

Help From the Ruston City Prosecutor - the Ruston City Prosecutor helps you keep your ticket off your driving record by offering the above described driver improvement class.  If this class does not work for you, please come to court on the date and time written on your ticket.  Call (318) 251-8614 with any questions.

Still have questions?  Call (318) 251-8614.

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