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Frequently Asked Ticket Questions

1) Question: How much is my ticket?

Answer:  Click Here.

2) Question: How can I find out if I am eligible to take the Ruston City Court approved driver improvement class to keep my ticket off my record?

Answer:  The Ruston City Court approved driver improvement class will keep your moving violation off of your driving record only if you have not taken this class within the past two years for a Ruston City Court ticket.  If you do not remember if you have taken this class for a Ruston City Court ticket within the past two years call (318) 251-8614 and they can jog your memory. 

3) Question: How do I get my court date changed?

Answer:   Ruston City Court personnel say the only way to get an extension on your court date is to come by their office and sign a new court appearance notice.  They are located on the 1st floor of the Ruston City Hall, 401 N. Trenton St, Ruston.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

4) Question: How do I get my ticket changed to a non-moving violation?

Answer:   This is very rarely done and involves coming to court on the date and time written on your ticket.   Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

5) Question: How do I make partial payments on my traffic ticket?

Answer:    We do not take partial payments on traffic tickets unless the Judge puts you on probation.  You must come to court on your court date at the appointed time to ask for probation.  If the Judge puts you on probation he will give you several options:  1) give you another month to come up with the money, 2) allow you to work the fine off, 3) allow you to make partial payments through the probation department, or 4) serve time in jail.  The probation office charges you $35 per month for over seeing your probation.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

6) Question: Whom may I speak to about my traffic ticket if I am not guilty or have a really good reason for doing what I did?

Answer:   The Ruston City Judge.  During your court time, you will have an opportunity to tell your side of the events surrounding your ticket.  Please show up on the date and time written on your ticket.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

7) Question: How can I keep this ticket off my insurance or how will this ticket affect my insurance?

Answer:   Take the Ruston City Court approved Driver Improvement Class to keep your ticket off your driving record. (Go to "Keep Ticket Off Record" on this website).  Neither the Ruston City Court nor the Department of Motor Vehicles report your ticket to your insurance company.  However, your insurance company may periodically check your driving record.  We do not know how a traffic ticket may affect your insurance rates.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

8) Question: What happens if I miss my court date?

Answer:   The Judge will charge you with contempt of court and issue a bench warrant for your arrest.  The court will send a letter to the address on your driver's license giving you an opportunity to take care of the ticket(s) and the $75 contempt of court fee by mail or in person (you will not be allowed to pay by phone or online).  If the ticket(s) and contempt fee go unpaid your driver's license will be suspended.  If you have missed your court date call Ruston City Court at (318) 251-8614 for instructions.

9) Question: I missed my court date, what should I do now?

Answer:  Sign the back of your ticket where it says "defendant's signature".  Purchase two money orders: one made payable to "Ruston City Court" for $75 for the contempt of court fee and the other to "Ruston City Marshal" for the amount of your fine.  Prepare a self-addressed, stamped envelope (so your receipts may be mailed to you).  Mail the signed ticket, two money orders and self addressed, stamped envelope to:  Ruston City Court, P.O. Box 1821, Ruston, LA  71273.  You may also pay both charges in person at City Hall.  First, stop by the Ruston City Court and pay the contempt fee.  Then walk down the hall to the Marshal's Office and pay the traffic ticket. Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.   

10) Question: I missed the deadline for paying my ticket before my court date.  What happens if I make payment on NCourt for my ticket using a made-up court date?

Answer:  NCourt will accept your payment, however, the court will reject it when they see what you have done.  NCourt will refund the amount of your ticket within two weeks, but will not refund their 5% service fee. (Also read Questions #8 and #9 to pay the ticket).  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

11) Question: I am unable to come to court on my court date and want to plead not guilty.  What should I do.

Answer: Hire an attorney to represent you in court.  (Or see Question #3)    Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

12) Question: Do I have to pay my ticket if I take the Driver Improvement Class?

Answer:   Yes.  Call 318-251-8614 for explanation.

13) Question:  If I am licensed in a state other than Louisiana will a Louisiana ticket go on my driving record?

Answer:    Yes.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

14) Question:  Where do I pay a ticket if I received it from a Lincoln Parish Sheriff's deputy?

Answer: Click Here

15) Question:  Why must tickets be paid by 4:00 pm the day before my court date?

Answer:  City Court policy says that the Ticket(s) must be paid by 4:00 pm THE DAY BEFORE your court date or you must appear in court on your court date.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

16) Question:  How long do I have to take the Driver Improvement Class offered by the court?

Answer:  Ninety (90) days from the day you received your ticket.  Call (318) 251-8614 for explanation.

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